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This represents a supply of 6. Econoday notes price data fell sharply, down 8. Year-on-year, the median is down 2.

Dr. Thomas Light

Econoday's closing remark is worth noting: " For the Federal Reserve, the sudden downturn in May new home sales coincides with their concern over recent weakness in other parts of the economy, namely business investment, and adds further to the odds for a July rate cut. New Homes by Region. This report shows intense regional volatility.

There may be huge revisions in the West, or other regions lower. Home builders sit on , new homes for sale. This represents builder speculation. But where is it? The report does not break down the supply by region. If the West has huge oversupply, those builders are in trouble. New home sales are below where they were in Affordability and attitude changes by milennials towards the "ownership society" and family formation are the key reasons sales have gone nowhere.

When the Fed bailed out the banks and mortgage holders, it did so at the expense of the ascendant generation who now cannot afford homes and luxuries their parent did. Mike "Mish" Shedlock. Millennials should blame the gov't. Specifically liberal policies. Everyone should own a home and get a college education and the best way to accomplish this is to provide loans for everyone. Regardless of their ability to repay.

Colleges could charge way more knowing people could pay by borrowing money from Sallie Mae.

The same happened in housing because of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Without these GSEs, education and housing costs would be far lower. Since the Russian hoax was the biggest faux story over the last two year, one would think that it would be an even bigger story for a private company to try an rig an election.

Yet, still nothing but crickets -. A deflationary collapse is finally here. James Freeny;" or out of the legends in the "Hibernian Tales;" or out of the lamentable tragedy of the "Battle of Aughrim," writ in most doleful Anglo-Irish verse. But are we to reject all things that have pot a moral tacked to them? Honest Freeny's adventures let us begin with history and historic tragedy, and leave fancy for future consideration , if they have a moral, have that dubious one which the poet admits may be elicited from a rose; and which every man may select according to his mind.

And surely this is a far better and more comfortable system of moralising than that in the fable-books, where you are obliged to accept that story with the inevitable moral corollary that will stick close to it.

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Whereas, in Freeny's life, one man may see the evil of drinking, another the harm of horse-racing, another the danger attendant on early marriage, a fourth the exceeding inconvenience as well as hazard of the heroic highwayman's life--which a certain Ainsworth, in company with a certain Cruikshank, has represented as so poetic and brilliant, so prodigal of delightful adventure, so adorned with champagne, gold-lace, and brocade.

It is the way of all great men, who recite their great actions modestly, as if they were matters of course; as indeed to them they are. A common tyro, having perpetrated a great deed, would be amazed and flurried at his own action; whereas I make no doubt the Duke of Wellington, after a great victory, took his tea and went to bed just as quietly as he would after a dull debate in the House of Lords.

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And so with Freeny,--his great and charming characteristic is grave simplicity; he does his work; he knows his danger as well as another; but he goes through his fearful duty quite quietly and easily, and not with the least air of bravado, or the smallest notion that he is doing anything uncommon. It is related of Carter, the Lion-King, that when he was a boy, and exceedingly fond of gingerbread-nuts, a relation gave him a parcel of those delicious cakes, which the child put in his pocket just as he was called on to go into a cage with a very large and roaring lion.

He had to put his head into the forest-monarch's jaws, and leave it there for a considerable time, to the delight of thousands: as is even now the case; and the interest was so much the greater, as the child was exceedingly innocent, rosy-checked, and pretty. To have seen that little flaxen head bitten off by the lion would have been a far more pathetic spectacle than that of the decapitation of some grey-bearded old unromantic keeper, who had served out raw meat and stirred up the animals with a pole any time these twenty years: and the interest rose in consequence.

While the little darling's head was thus enjawed, what was the astonishment of everybody to see him put his hand into his little pocket, take out a paper--from the paper a gingerbread-nut--pop that gingerbread-nut into the lion's mouth, then into his own, and so finish at least two-penny worth of nuts! The excitement was delirious: the ladies, when he came out of chancery, were for doing what the lion had not done, and eating him up--with kisses.

And the only remark the young hero made was, "Uncle, them nuts wasn't so crisp as them I had t'other day. Thus is it with Freeny. It is fine to mark his bravery, and to see how he cracks his simple philosophic nuts in the jaws of innumerable lions. At the commencement of the last century, honest Freeny's father was house-steward in the family of Joseph Robbins, Esq. At a proper age James was put to school but being a nimble, active lad, and his father's mistress taking a fancy to him, he was presently brought to Ballyduff, where she had a private tutor to instruct him during the time which he could spare from his professional duty, which was that of pantry-boy in Mr.

Robbins's establishment. At an early age he began to neglect his duty; and although his father, at the excellent Mrs. Robbins's suggestion, corrected him very severely, the bent of his genius was not to be warped by the rod, and he attended "all the little country dances, diversions and meetings, and became what is called a good dancer; his own natural inclinations hurrying him" as he finely says "into the contrary diversions.

He was scarce twenty years old when he married a frightful proof of the wicked recklessness of his former courses , and set up in trade in Waterford; where, however, matters went so ill with him, that he was speedily without money, and 50 l. He had, he says, not any way of paying the debt, except by selling his furniture or his riding-mare, to both of which measures he was averse: for where is the gentleman in Ireland that can do without a horse to ride?

Freeny and his riding-mare became soon famous, insomuch that a thief in jail warned the magistrates of Kilkenny to beware of a one-eyed man with a mare. These unhappy circumstances sent him on the highway to seek a maintenance, and his first exploit was to rob a gentle-man of fifty pounds; then he attacked another, against whom he "had a secret disgust because this gentleman had prevented his former master from giving him a suit of clothes! Urged by a noble resentment against this gentleman, Mr.

Freeny, in company with a friend by the name of Reddy, robbed the gentleman's house, taking therein 70 l. Freeny, "quitted the house with the booty, and came to Thomastown; but not knowing how to dispose of the plate, left it with Reddy, who said he had a friend from whom he would get cash for it. In some time afterwards I asked him for the dividend of the cash he got for the plate, but all the satisfaction he gave me was, that it was lost, which occasioned me to have my own opinion of him. Freeny then robbed Sir William Fownes' servant of 14 l. The next enterprise of importance is that against the house of Colonel Palliser, which Freeny thus picturesquely describes.

Coming with one of his spies close up to the house, Mr. Freeny watched the Colonel lighted to bed by a servant; and thus, as he cleverly says, could judge "of the room the Colonel lay in. I then came back to where the men were, and appointed Bulger, Motley, and Commons to go in along with me; but Commons answered that he had never been in any house before where there were arms: upon which I asked the coward what business he had there, and swore I would as soon shoot him as to look at him, and at the same time cocked a pistol to his breast; but the rest of the men prevailed upon me to leave him at the back of the house, where he might run away when he thought proper.

We then immediately came up to the house, lighted our candles, put Houlahan at the back of the house to prevent any person from coming out that way, and placed Hacket on my mare, well armed, at the front; and I then broke one of the windows with a sledge, whereupon Bulger, Motley, Grace, and I got in; upon which I ordered Motley and Grace to go up stairs and Bulger and I would stay below, where we thought the greatest danger would be; but I immediately, upon second consideration, for fear Motley or Grace should be daunted, desired Bulger to go up with them, and when he had fixed matters above, to come down, as I judged the Colonel lay below.

I then went to the room where the Colonel was, and burst open the door; upon which he said, 'Odds-wounds! I then quitted the room, and walked round the lower part of the house, thinking to meet some of the servants, whom I thought would strive to make their escape from the men who were above, and meeting one of them, I immediately returned to the Colonel's room; where I no sooner entered than he desired me to go out for a villain, and asked why I bred such disturbance in his house at that time of night.

At the same time I snatched his breeches from under his head, wherein I got a small purse of gold, and said that abuse was not fit treatment for me who was his relation and that it would hinder me of calling to see him again. I then demanded the key of his desk which stood in his room; he answered he had no key; upon which I said I had a very good key; at the same time giving it a stroke with the sledge, which burst it open, wherein I got a purse of ninety guineas, a four-pound piece, two moidores, some small gold, and a large glove with twenty-eight guineas in silver.

We then observed a closet inside his room, which we soon entered and got therein a basket wherein there was plate to the value of three hundred pounds. The story, as here narrated, has that simplicity which is beyond the reach of all except the very highest art; and it is not high art certainly which Mr.

Freeny can be said to possess, but a noble nature rather, which leads him thus grandly to describe scenes wherein he acted a great part.

One Hawk's Contribution

With what a gallant determination does he inform the coward Commons that he would shoot him as soon " as look at him ;" and how dreadful he must have looked with his one eye as he uttered that sentiment! But he left him, he says with a grim humour, at the back of the house, "where he might run away when he thought proper.

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Freeny's history in his youth his Grace's birthplace is not far from the scene of the other gallant Irishman's exploit , for the Duke acted in precisely a similar way by a Belgian Colonel at Waterloo. It must be painful to great and successful commanders to think how their gallant comrades and lieutenants, partners of their toil, their feelings, and their fame, are separated from them by time, by death, by estrangement-nay, sometimes by treason. Commons is off, disappearing noiseless into the deep night, whilst his comrades perform the work of danger; and Bulger,--Bulger, who in the above scene acts so gallant a part and in whom Mr.

Freeny places so much confidence--actually went away to England, carrying off "some plate, some shirts, a gold watch, and a diamond ring,' of the Captain's; and, though he returned to his native country, the valuables did not return with him, on which the Captain swore he would blow his brains out. As for poor Grace, he was hanged, much to his leader's sorrow, who says of him that he was "the faithfullest of his spies. Indeed, the warrior's life is a hard one, and over misfortunes like these the feeling heart cannot but sigh. But, putting out of the question the conduct and fate of the Captain's associates, let us look to his own behaviour as a leader.

It is impossible not to admire his serenity, his dexterity, that dashing impetuosity in the moment of the action and that aquiline coup-d'oeil which belongs to but few generals. He it is who leads the assault, smashing in the window with a sledge; he bursts open the Colonel's door, who says naturally enough , " Odds-wounds!

Ethan Hawke

And again, on the second visit to the Colonel's room, when the latter bids him "go out for a villain, and not breed a disturbance," what reply makes Freeny? The difficulty about the key he resolves in quite an Alexandrian manner; and, from the specimen we already have had of the Colonel's style of speaking, we may fancy how ferociously he lay in bed and swore, after Captain Freeny and his friends had disappeared with the ninety guineas, the moidores, the four-pound piece, and the glove with twenty-eight guineas in silver.

As for the plate, he hid it in a wood; and then, being out of danger, he sat down and paid everybody his deserts. By the way, what a strange difference of opinion is there about a man's deserts! Here sits Captain Freeny with a company of gentlemen, and awards them a handsome sum of money for an action which other people would have remunerated with a halter.

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Which are right? The greatest enemy Captain Freeny had was Counsellor Robbins, a son of his old patron, and one of the most determined thief-pursuers the country ever knew. But though he was untiring in his efforts to capture and of course to hang Mr. Freeny, and though the latter was strongly urged by his friends to blow the Counsellor's brains out: yet, to his immortal honour it is said, he refused that temptation, agreeable as it was, declaring that he had eaten too much of that family's bread ever to take the life of one of them, and being besides quite aware that the Counsellor was only acting against him in a public capacity.

He respected him, in fact, like an honourable though terrible adversary. Margaret, her lover and me: Anne Glenconner was the princess's closest confidante. Now in her explosive University of Edinburgh is accused of 'blatant racism' for hosting an equality conference where white people John Humphrys claims he's changed more nappies than most women… but doesn't think he's a good husband: JAN Prince Harry meets landmine victim who famously brought Diana to tears 22 years ago during trip to Angola as Revealed: Meghan told entrepreneurs in Cape Town that she's determined to 'fulfil her heart's desires' and Meghan Markle's nephew is arrested 'for wandering around Hollywood while high on drugs, shouting gibberish Olivia Colman and her co-stars in series three of The Crown on a flighty Camilla, a feisty Anne, a bitter A touching homage to Diana, not just a photo opportunity: As Harry follows in his mother's footsteps in Salt shakers should have a tobacco-style health warning to remind people to limit their sodium intake and Revealed: More than , Britons are giving up their jobs to look after loved ones with dementia every Veteran BBC news presenter Harry Gration, 68, welcomes new son as his year-old wife gives birth after Another 10, officers will be given tasers in Government bid to help police protect themselves from Boris Johnson faces an ambush as SNP and Labour look to table a confidence vote next week in a bid to secure Remainer rebels line up ex-minister to